Dignity for all.

Our Approach

Domestic workers often work long hours, have poor remuneration, and little access to social protection. Their isolation and vulnerability as workers is made more complex by their invisibility in private homes and their dependence on the good will of their employers. Many come from poor households, where limited access to education and skills development, leave them with few employment opportunities and choices.
We partner with employers and the government to advance the advocacy arm and ensure that the women’s rights are observed and that the women live in safe spaces. We work with these women using the following programs;

Self-empowerment curriculum

Illiteracy, fair wage negotiation, fair working hours.

Financial training

Basic banking, saving, insurance, etc.

Skills development

On the job skills curriculum e.g. first aid for kids and post job transition e.g. hairdressing, tailoring, gig economy e.t.c.

Awareness/ Programs

Advocacy and raising awareness/ programs for employers on how to empower domestic workers.

Health care

Access to healthcare services or partners.


Engage in government policies and laws regarding domestic workers in areas of human trafficking.

About us

Ajira Stadi is a non-profit organization whose objective is to create a space for domestic women workers where they can be empowered to thrive in their roles. ​

Ajira Stadi works with these workers to improve their working conditions while building a powerful movement rooted in rights and dignity.

Our Values: Empowerment, Safety and Dignity for all.

Our Mission: Empowering domestic workers through training, education and support to improve their lives.

Our Vision: Decent work.